Frost Community Spotlight: Eli Johnson @SheDreamsTravel

At Frost we’re all about our local community and as a new brand in Los Angeles, we wanted to spotlight those within the community doing extraordinary things. We are excited to kick off our Community Spotlight series with Eli Johnson with whom we recently had the privilege of collaborating. Eli is a data scientist, explorer and travel blogger and she recently launched an Instagram account dedicated to her

 travels @SheDreamsTravel. Whether it’s horseback riding at Paramount Ranch or camping in Joshua Tree, Eli wants to share her journeys in hopes it inspires others to take a chance and do the same. Learn more about Eli in our conversation below!


What’s your current profession? 

Eli: I’m a Data Scientist at NASA. I move from project to project throughout NASA and JPL organizing and more often, compressing data that is provided to me by my assigned engineers.


Where are you from and where do you currently reside?

Eli: I guess you could say I’m from South Central Los Angeles. That’s where I spent a big chunk of my childhood.  But I moved here with my grandmother from Texas when I was a toddler. I currently reside in Pasadena close to CalTech and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab where I go back and forth for work. I’m mostly working from home for now however. 


When did you start She Dreams Travel and what inspired it?

Eli: Ironically, I started it right before the beginning of the pandemic. I’ve always been a global traveler, but I decided that I wanted to make a bigger deal of it so that I can inspire other kids from South Central LA to explore the world. I think that travel opens your mind and gives you a broader perspective on the possibilities of your life.  And I also think it’s important to try to live your dream life on a daily basis, even if that is just taking yourself out for drinks or a local spa…thus the name She Dreams Travel.  


Tell us about some of your favorite adventures. 

Eli: Well, considering I have been traveling in isolation for the last year, I think I would say some of my favorite adventures have been horseback riding in Hawaii last summer, leaf peeping in Upstate New York, then Lake Tahoe last fall, and camping out in the desert of Joshua Tree National Park last spring, which was something I had never done.  Needless to say, you hear lots of creepy crawlies outside of your tent throughout the night! My last international trip was to London 4 years ago. It was a dream destination of mine because I’m obsessed with the historic architecture and there’s tons of it throughout the UK.  I was planning to go back in the summer of 2020, but that trip has since been delayed twice.  


You were recently in Austin and stayed on a ranch (is that correct?) What was that like?

Eli: Yes, I stayed at a little boutique hotel that has a ranch in its back yard in a small city called Round Top, Texas for 3 days, then I stayed in Austin for another 7.  Round Top has a mixture of old antique farms, and ranches. There are only 50 people who actually live in the city full time, the rest visit on the weekends. It was truly amazing and fulfilled all of my fantasies of living in the country, waking up to warm rainy days, taking pictures with cows and feeding horses. There was also a bit of luxury at this hotel in the middle of nowhere.  But it helped me to see the quiet life I’d want to live one day and why I love to travel. 


What are a few of your favorite spots in Los Angeles?

Eli: I can be an introvert at times, so I love tiny beaches like El Matador and El Pescador.  The beaches remind me of little Italian islands, another place I dream of traveling to. I also love a good beachside restaurant like Malibu Farm and Water Grill in Santa Monica. Anything where I can feel a breeze in my hair is great for me. I love horseback riding at Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hills. I’ve done that about 5 times before the lockdown.   I love to visit museums and often make trips to Hauser, Wirth and LACMA. I haven’t gone since the pandemic hit.  But hopefully now that things are opening up again, my friends and I will return to having picnics on the grass there when they have live salsa music. Last weekend I went to something called Boat Cinema on Castaic Lake with my family. That was so unique and incredible.  


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What is a mantra that you live by?

Eli: Time is the most valuable currency. You cannot get it back, so spend it wisely. I used to think that it looked bad for me to be traveling when I have so much student loan debt to pay off (I didn’t finish college until I was 26).  But I’ve learned that I have to share what little “wealth” I have between paying my debt, and living my best life, because I’ll never get this time back. So travel is at the top of the list and in the budget, right along with my bills.  


Which Frost Pop is your favorite to enjoy and where?

Eli: That’s a tough one, they’re all so delicious. I would have to say the Bubbly flavor though. It’s such a unique flavor in popsicle form, and it makes me feel like I’m having a luxurious moment.  Me and my sister literally toasted while having ours, it just lifted our spirits.  It’s not just the flavors though, it’s the whole vibe. They’re such fun, but sophisticated and unique popsicles. I love them!  


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