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Frost Popsicles - Frequently Asked Questions


All our Popsicles last 18-24 months from date of production. Best Before Dates are printed on the top seals of every Popsicle or stickered on the outer box.

All our Popsicles are dairy-free and vegan-friendly – no artificial ingredients are used. All ingredients, nutritional information and allergen warnings can be found on the back of every Popsicle tube.

All of our packaging is 100% recyclable.

Yes – our Popsicles are best enjoyed frozen, and should be stored at a minimum of -18°C (a standard home freezer temperature) when not being enjoyed. If they melt to liquid they cannot be re-frozen as the Popsicle texture and flavour quality is affected.

Our Popsicles cannot be driven or lie around for more than 10-15 minutes without dry ice or out of a freezer because they will start melting. Once melted, they cannot be re-frozen. The formulation can separate  which affects flavour profile and product experience. If re-freezing is attempted, the texture of the Popsicle will become very icy and overly crunchy.

Our Online Shop will guide you through your Popsicle purchase and suggest whatever extras we think you may need to keep your Popsicles perfectly frozen whilst traveling longer distances.

Dry ice is compressed carbon dioxide and it is -79°C. We use it to keep our Popsicles frozen whilst on display, or in a poly box if they are traveling with you for longer distances or being stored. Dry ice should not be handled with bare hands at any time. Gloves should be worn, or a scoop should be used.

Our Online Shop will guide you through your Popsicle purchase and suggest whatever extras we think you may need to keep your Popsicles perfectly frozen.