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Frost Popsicles - Frequently Asked Questions


All our popsicles last 18 months from date of production. Best Before Dates are printed on the top seals of every popsicle and detailed on the back of our variety cartons.

Yes – our popsicles are best enjoyed frozen, and should be stored at -0.4°F or colder, when not being enjoyed. If they melt to liquid they cannot be refrozen as the popsicle texture and flavor quality is affected.
When not being enjoyed, our popsicles cannot be out of a freezer for more than 15 minutes, because they will start melting. Once melted, they cannot be refrozen as flavor profile and product experience will be affected. Your retail stockist will be able to chat to you about using dry ice to keep your popsicles frozen if you have a longer drive planned.